Soy wax

The Magic Properties of Soy Wax.

In case you haven't heard it from us before, we are extremely proud of our soy candles and melts. But have you ever wondered after you've bought one, 'what is it about soy that makes it better?' allow us a few moments and we will list all the benefits that come with it.


1. Soy is derived from the soybean plant, making it an environmentally friendly and renewably sourced product. The oil from the beans are hydrogenated (and the left over beans are made into animal feed, so even more uses from it) to increase its melting temperature, perfect for candles. In comparison, common paraffin candles are derived from petroleum or other non renewable crude oils.


2. Burning soy wax does not produce toxic fumes, especially in comparison to paraffin wax which some studies have linked to producing benzene, a carcinogenic. On top of that, soy wax is a cleaner burn as it produces little to no soot, meaning it is perfect for those with breathing difficulties.


3. Soy wax burns for longer in comparison to parrafin wax, meaning you get more for your money. In addition, the lower melting tempreture of Soy allows the fragrances within the candle to vaporise more easily, so the room is filled with a richer aroma.


4. Soy is bio-degradable which, as mentioned before, is environmentally green but also means if it happens to spill, the clean up is much easier with less chance of staining the surface it touches.


The verdict is clear, while paraffin may appear cheaper on the surface, it just does not hold a candle to soy in any shape or form. 

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