Colours and their effects.

Colours and their effects.

Everyone loves a big and bright rainbow, but did you know that all those individual colours have their own meanings as well as having an affect on our moods. Making a change by adding a dash, however small, of colour to your room may be just what you need for clearing the mind and starting anew, and we are here to help. Starting off with the cooler shades we will work our way up to the warmer colours to give a varied spectrum of choice.



Depending on the hue, this colour can have a widely varying impact on our emotions, the lighter side feeling more relaxed and calming whereas more brighter shades can energise and refresh the mind. overall this colour is known to exude responsibility and stability.



The royal colour, associated from ancient times with wealth and prosperity due to how difficult it was to obtain. the lighter tones such as lavender can denote a romantic atmosphere and hints of springs. In addition to this purple can promote creativity and imagination, perfect for curing an artists slump.



Known for the themes of renewal and growth, this colour is attuned to nature. As a mixture of blue and yellow, it shares attributes from both, being both harmonising and calming whilst also bright and energising depending which colour has prominence.



Literal sunshine and happiness, this is often considered the most affecting colour on happiness, making everyone that glances at it cheerful. In certain countries yellow is also synonymous with hope, while others associate it with courage.



Friendly and inviting, this colour can catch attention without being overbearing. Due to its namesake fruit, the colour is often categorised as being healthy and promoting vitality. The more neutral tones of this are appropriate for autumn and so are perfect for showing seasonal changes and movement.



While the vibrant colour can seen as aggressive, its passion and power are undeniable. It's uses are many, with  darker accents giving a more elegant and sleek look while the brighter eye catching shade showing importance. This colour is so inviting it can have strong effects on the body, known to increase metabolism.


There you have it, almost all the colours of the rainbow for whatever mood you are in, or would like to put yourself into. 

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